Research (50 points – information; 30 points – mla citations)

The PowerPoint must contain a minimum of 27 slides
Must use five credible sources. No Wikipedia,, SparkNotes, CliffNotes,,, or
1. RESEARCH (50 points – information; 30 points – MLA citations)
• Biographical information about the author (5-7 slides)
• Information about the author’s writing style (6-8 slides)
• Information about two works NOT studied in class (6-8 slides)
• Information must include citations (MLA Format) Every slide needs a citation under it except for the personal evaluation and creativity slides.
• If you use two different sources in one slide, place two citations under it as well as parenthetical citations beside the quoted or paraphrased material.
• Follow the guidelines for formal writing.
2. REVIEW OF THE INFORMATION: (50 points — detailed paragraphs; 30 points – MLA format)
• 5 slides – One per source
• This section counts as the works cited page; therefore, the entries must follow MLA guidelines for works cited entries.
• List each source (MLA)
• Write a detailed paragraph about the general content of the source and your evaluation of the source. You may use first person in your desсrіptions.
3. AUTHOR’S IMPACT: (50 points)
• 4-6 slides
• This section is not to be a presentation of facts about the author although you may comment on aspects of the author which you presented in the GENERAL INFORMATION section.
• These slides should present a first person evaluation of the significance of your author.
• Explain what you see as the author’s overall significance in literature!
4. CREATIVITY: (40 points)
• 1-3 slides
• For this one slide (or two/three), you will explain WHY you chose the particular design of the PowerPoint. Explain why you used the color scheme you used, the animation scheme, etc…
• “Creativity” here is also referring to the creative aspect of the entire PowerPoint itself.
o Quotations from the author
o Pictures
o Animation
o Font – should be at least 14 point
o Background