Religions Discussion 11/30/19

After 9/11, many Sikhs were persecuted by people in America who mistook them for Muslims. The wearing of turbans by men, the “Middle Eastern” looks, etc. In August 2012, seven people were shot and killed at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, because the killer mistook them as Muslims. At the same time, adherents like Sheena Khandari (p. 451: read this!) are having to rethink their outward expressions of faith.

Examine the 5 Ks of Sikhism. These are the ultimate expressions of faith in Sikhism.

1) Which intrigues you the most? Why? 

2) Sheena says it is not the outward expression of religion that matters; instead, it is what is inside that counts. Is this a cop out or the sign of a genuine struggle to retain her faith in light of today’s realities?

3) Should America adapt to Sikh customs (for example, Sikh policemen being allowed to wear turbans instead of helmets or hats) or should they adapt to American customs? To get full credit for this question, you need to locate one web source–blog, video, website–that supports your views and share it with the class)