read some articles to answer some questions

1. What is Rose’s exigence (for academia and the media) in “Writing for the Public?” Why does he say that academics need to develop a type of “bilingualism” and what does he mean by this? What advice does he offer for academics when they need to write to the public? Use the text to support your position.

2. Apply Rose to Ruth Marcus’ “Dartmouth’s New College Try.” 

Identify the following in “Dartmouth’s New College Try,” (Links to an external site.) with specific examples.

  • How does she use kairos, or the timing/timeliness (Links to an external site.) in her op-ed?
  • What makes her hook effective?
  • Identify three specific examples where her diction exhibits “snap and sizzle” by using more colloquial, informal, or slang language.
  • Identify two places where she uses a one sentence paragraph for rhetorical effect – to emphasize a key point.
  • Identify two places where she uses an incomplete sentence, a fragment, for rhetorical effect.
  • In her push leading to her turn, what data and grounds does she offer as evidence?
  • Where is her turn, and what’s her argument?

You may need to use the PDF for Marcus’ article in this week’s module if you can’t get around the Washington Post firewall.

3. List five topics you’re considering writing about in WP#2. Then for each, identify the likely readers and newspaper. I encourage to pick more localized and regional topics, and then to identify an appropriate newspaper for your topic. 

Please don’t write your op-ed about these topics: the death penalty, gun control, legalizing weed (or other drugs), lowering the drinking age in the US, or abortion.

Information site needed