Quizzes must quote from the article i assigned.

Quiz #2: Jessica Cohen writes about her disappointment, both personal and political, with the modern scientific advancement of egg donation in her . She is rejected for her personal,genetic shortcomings and the experience causes her to critique herself too much. What genetic traits do you have that you are happy to pass on? What genetic traits would you want to die withyou? If you would like to develop your answer even more, you may weigh in with your own beliefs about genetic engineering and the discrimination it entails
Quiz Rules
Please follow for every ” quiz,” beginning with Quiz #1 on the First Amendment and free speech.
1. Your needs a creative title, not a label or the title of the article assigned to be read. Use creative language to hint at what your states. Your title should be centered and avoid using bold font, large font, quotation marks, italics, underline, or any other decoration.
2. quizzes should be between 300-400 words. Going over 400 words is just as wrong as going under and will be penalized.
3. All s should be more than one paragraph. Also, indent your paragraphs. TAB to indent.
4. Avoid writing “you” or any form of “you” in your sentence structure. Do not substitute “you” with “one”. The following are both incorrect. “You will like this movie because it keeps you on your seat.” “One will like this movie because it keeps one on one’s seat.” Write real people with real (or fake) names, and more importantly don’t talk to your reader. Write using a more formal sentence structure. Quoting is the only accepted use of the “you” pronoun and its forms (your, yourself, one’s self).
5. Try not to introduce or conclude your . Maximize your word count by making sure all words in all sentences have new meaning, instead of stressing something already mentioned as you attempt to answer the specific Quiz Question/Prompt.
6. quizzes must introduce the title of the assigned article in a grammatical sentence.
7. quizzes must introduce the title of a related article that you have found, which should also be in a grammatical sentence.
8. quizzes must quote from the article I assigned.
Open, Read, Discuss
****introduce meaning mention article title