Provocative Art by Gary Baseman

 This week’s Chapter reading is about Humour, Sex, and Death in Art.  Many of the artists mentioned in the reading have created provocative and shocking art works.  Look up some of the work by the artists mentioned in the text just for your own information. Don’t post any explicit works here in the classroom, but you could mention them by name. In your post, address the issue of creating provocative and controversial art work.  Do you believe there are lines the artist shouldn’t cross, such as explicit sexuality, or making fun of religious beliefs?  Do you support their right to produce and exhibit whatever they want, or not?  There have been major controversies where public funds have paid for art which viewers have found offensive.  Do you feel using public funds for art gives people the right to censor the artist’s creations? Are you aware of any of these controversies?  

Please do paper on artist Gary Baseman 

Need minimum of 200 words.

Text book is:  Art and Laughter, by Sheri Klein, Published:   London: by I B Tauris, 2007.
ISBN: 1850439311