POM WK2 Homework Help – NO PLAGIARISM!!!!!!

Be sure to fully and completely answer each question. I am not looking for your to regurgitate what is in the textbook. Rather, students who analyze, synthesize, and evaluate course material and are able to effectively articulate the information indicating understanding, will earn higher grades.
Please respond to the following questions:

1. Explain how social media have changed how firms communicate with their customers relative to traditional forms of marketing.

2. List and describe the four basic ways of generating revenue from apps.

3. Respond to the following question, “Which is a more important corporate objective: making a profit or obtaining and keeping customers, and why?”

Please write your answers with an academic tone. That is, use full sentences and paragraphs and without bullet points or numbered lists. Provide a list of items only when the question specifically requires you to provide a list. Do not use contractions in formal writing. Use proper grammar, syntax, and spelling.