Police research example

Let’s Analyze a “Seminal” research paper.
In Research Methods in Criminal Justice
Your task is to review a seminal article in one of the topics and assess whether further research supports or contradicts the central theme of the paper.
Grammar & Mechanics (5 points)
Research & Citations (5 points)
4 + Sources
Points docked if outside of source range
Flow & Structure (5 points)
Content & Ideas (10 points)
Word Count (5 points)
1000 – 1500 Words
A seminal research paper is a research paper that introduces a new research topic or a new way of thinking. As time goes by it is not unusual for researchers to evaluate the research critically, conduct follow-up studies, and state whether their research: (1)supports the seminal research paper, (2) contradicts the seminal research paper, or (3) supports the original research paper in part, and contradicts in part.
At the end of chapter one the authors list three seminal research papers. Your task is to pick one of the three papers and discuss the paper itself, and the follow-u[ research. Packback will assist you in the evaluation by supplying feedback and guidance evaluating your response. In general you will be evaluated in general categories from the posted rubric such as grammar and spelling, flow, the quality of your references and research, submission length and detail, and the depth of your analysis. Pay attention tot he guiding questions and make sure you answer them.
Questions to Answer In This Deep Dive
Reviewing the seminal studies and the follow-up studies, what do you believe they have proved and what is your opinion on the answer to the original research question?
What did they find out (what were there conclusions?
What is the research question of the seminal article (what are they trying to find out)?
What are four other studies that followed up on their research question?
What were the finding so these follow up studies?
Police Research Example
I choose the example I want you to write about its: The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment, Kelling g., G. Pate, D. Dietman, and C. Brown (1974), The Police Foundation, Washington D.C.
PS I have the pdf linked below
Don’t overthink the assignment. You will simply be giving me a 1000-1500 word response to the questions asked. Pakcback will help guide you through formatting, grammar and spelling, flow, and references. I will then grade you on content.