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Unit 2 – Individual Project
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Type: Individual Project
Unit: The Art of Questioning
Due Date: Sun,8/21/22
Grading Type: Numeric
Points Possible: 100
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Points Earned
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Deliverable Length: Memorandum to the file of 600–800 words
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Refer to the main scenario. As you engage the subject (Sam) in discussion of more general questions surrounding the disappearance of the child at the detective bureau, you ask general questions of Sam’s actions during the morning hours. At this point, you continue to become suspicious of Sam’s vague answers and denials.
Write a memorandum from your notes to the file, detailing your suspicion of the subject under questioning. Include the following:
His vague answers and initial denial of knowing the missing child
His reluctance to fully cooperate with you during the questioning
How you would convince him to reveal more information about this case
Will you reveal evidence in the case? Explain.
Will you utilize open or closed questioning? Why?
In this assignment, include your understanding of physiological and psychological aspects of interviews and interrogations. To complete your assignment, please use your book, phase resources, and all course materials.
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For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.
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