Please write half a page for each essay.

Please write half a page for each essay.
Essay 1: Please watch the documentary called Visions of Light on Youtube and explain in detail three items that you found of particular interest from viewing that film.
Essay 2: Please watch the small film called, “A Trip to the Moon” by George Melies on Youtube and answer this question. ” What are three film techniques used in this film that were unique or pioneering for the time?”
Essay 3: Please watch The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari on Youtube and describe three key elements of German Expressionist Filmmaking.
Essay 4: Please watch the movie called, “SIngin in the Rain” (1952) and using detailed examples from Singin in the Rain please provide three reasons that actors and the industry had trouble transitioning from silent films to talking pictures. A detailed example might look like this: Actors had difficulty adapting to microphone placement, this is demonstrated in the film when Lina Lamont has a microphone sewn into her costume.
Essay 5: Please watch the movie called Citizen Kane (1941) and give three detailed reasons why Citizen Kane is such an importabcint film in the history of cinema?