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Excel Extra CreditExcel Extra Credit
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Here are the options for receiving extra credit for the Excel section of SOSC 210.
Record the questions, answers, and which video chapter in the attached spreadsheet using its format for the LinkedIn Excel Essentials Training video shown above.
There are 56 questions. For every question where you record the type of questions, the question with its corresponding correct and incorrect answers, and the video chapter that references the question there will be 1 test point added on.
If you do all of the questions correctly with the video location you can get up to 28 points (i.e up to 2 letter grades better on your exam).
Partial points may be awarded.
Create 5 new Excel questions using the attached spreadsheet
Your questions must be unique and not a rehash of a question that has already been asked. It also must be in the same format as the LinkedIn Test questions.
Think about which questions you think are important to know about Word. Those should be your questions.
2 test points added for 5 well-done questions
Partial points may be awarded
Please let me know if you have any questions. If you don’t ask questions and it is not right you could miss out on the extra credit opportunities. Please ask…… There will not be any late extra credit accepted.