Planning Treatment

Don had been consuming alcohol for 15 years. He started with one drink after work with his friends. Somehow, what started with one drink, over the years led to hours of drinking with his friends and then to drinking alone after work. He worked as a skilled laborer when he could, however, his income was now so low and sporadic that he could no longer pay his credit card bills and had no money in his checking account. Don’s wife had left with the children 10 years ago…she and the children had given up on Don. However, Don had a good friend who had just moved back into town and who wanted to help. His name was Jack and he had known Don since grade school.



Don’s father also drank heavily on a daily basis. Don does not view his father’s drinking as problematic because his dad “went to work every day.”

You have administered the Addiction Severity Index and the results indicate that Don has had significant difficulties in the areas of employment problems (prior to his sporadic skilled laborer work he was fired from two jobs and laid off from one), family relations (in addition to his wife and children leaving he is also estranged from his family of origin) and psychiatric (Don expresses anxiety on more days of the month than not and states that this is particularly true when he is not drinking).

Don has significant work history in the area of construction and enjoys this line of work. At his most recent full time job he was about to be promoted to supervisor, but was denied this promotion due to a failed urine screen (urine analysis). A subsequent failed urine screen resulted in his termination from that position.

Although Don does not have medical insurance, he recently qualified for state medical assistance. This program will pay for an outpatient treatment program (it will not pay for any higher level of care and he does not have funds to cover anything additional).

You administered the SOCRATES which revealed that Don is in the contemplation stage of change and may be close to the preparation stage.

Based on this additional information, design a treatment plan for Don. The facility at which you work uses the form in the template below. Use this form to complete your information.Attached is the form.