Personal philosophy of special education

Personal Philosophy of Special Education
In this assignment you will write a 500 – 700 word essay (APA formatted) describing your current philosophy of special education. Make sure to consider and respond to the important issues facing special education as noted in Guidelines. Philosophy should be inviting, relevant, and well organized. You may write in 1st person (taking ownership of the information provided). Sentences should be well-constructed with details and appropriate transitions. Conclusion should leave no doubt in reader’s mind where you stand on Special Education.
You are to write an essay describing your current philosophy of special education. Please consider each of the following topics carefully as your write your paper:
• Do you believe that all children, even those with disabilities, can learn?
• Discuss the impact of IDEA and Section 504 on children with disabilities.
• What obstacles do students with disabilities face and what kinds of instructional strategies would you employ to help them to overcome these difficulties?
• Discuss what you consider to be the most important considerations regarding where students with disabilities should receive their education?
• Describe the most important role performed by the special education teacher.
• What is the role of the regular education teacher in the instruction of students with disabilities?
• Define the role of the parent of a child with disabilities.
Your APA formatted paper should include the following:
• Title Page / Introduction / Conclusion
• Personalized thoughts/beliefs regarding teaching students with special needs
• Supporting Information/Details for each question above
• Reference page