Part two: next, review the tripartite psyche on the psychoanalytic criticism document.

Please start by completing this week’s readings (click on the title for the external link):
* Winona León’s “A Dog Is Not the Answer” or click here:
* Franny Choi’s “Catastrophe Is Next to Godliness” or refer to the PDF attachement
* Saeed Jones’s “A Spell to Banish Grief” or refer to the PDF attachement
Assignment’s Prompt
Alicia, the main character of this week’s short story, and the speakers of both of this week’s poems, highlight traumatic experiences that shape their understandings and outcomes. Henry the dog is not the only character or speaker this week who may be experiencing “separation anxiety” intensely (León).
Points to Address:
Part One: First, select at least one speaker from one of the poems to pair with Alicia from “A Dog Is Not the Answer.” (You may write on Alicia and both speakers if you choose). When do Alicia and the speaker/s experience denial, avoidance, and/or selective perception (i.e., choosing to acknowledge only some parts of reality and pushing away other important details to create an inaccurate or altered perception)? How do their experiences with trauma and loss impact their self-perceptions? Direct evidence from the short story and poem/s will be necessary here; remember to use parenthetical citations when you quote.
The citations for all of this week’s works are just the author’s/poet’s last name (like the example in “Background”).
a. Added Tip: Remember that when you write about poems, you must use line breaks. See Your Personalized MLA Handbook and the Introduction to Analyzing Poetry page for details.
Part Two: Next, review the tripartite psyche on the Psychoanalytic Criticism document. Select at least one of the readings connected to this assignment and explore the representation of the character’s/speaker’s id, ego, and/or superego. How do the character’s/speaker’s words and actions reveal impulsiveness, a desire for order, an awareness of right and wrong, the presence of repression, and/or other aspects of the tripartite psyche? What motivates the character/speaker?