Once you have located your sources, create a works cited (mla format) or references (apa format) page for your essay.

For this assignment, you will need to locate a minimum of five (5) sources you could use in writing your exploratory essay. Appropriate sources include articles from library databases, news articles from print or online news sites, articles from government web sites or publications, feature articles from magazines or journals, and other similar sources. Please note, encyclopedia and Wikipedia entries are not appropriate sources for college essays.
Once you have located your sources, create a Works Cited (MLA format) or References (APA format) page for your essay. You may use Easy Bib, Knight Cite (through the Collin library) or other online or print resources to help you format your works cited entries. Your Works Cited page should be saved as a Word or Word-compatible document and uploaded to Canvas using the Submit Assignment button on this page.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Your entries must be formatted using one of the style guides noted below. Simply submitting a list of links to articles does not meet the requirements for this assignment, and it will result in a grade of 0 points for this assignment.