Of these dashboards, which one do you find the most effective?

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly making data of use-of-force or officer-involved shootings available to the public. In this discussion, compare public-facing dashboards from two law enforcement agencies.
In your discussion, comment on the following:
1. What the dashboard indicates about the agency’s values?
2. What issues they are presenting to the public?
3. Any measures that the dashboard shows?
4. The ease of use and ability to understand the dashboard from the point of view of the end user?
5. How the information might be shown more effectively?
The following are simply questions to help guide what to watch for—don’t answer each one bullet-by-bullet:
What information is shown?
Is there anything missing that would be useful?
Is the information clearly presented to the public?
How might this be improved?
Is the information timely?
Is there any analysis of trends?
Of these dashboards, which one do you find the most effective?
What makes this one stand out?
Which ones are less effective? And why?
Is there any relation to the mission of the agency? KPIs? How can users drill down to further examine the data?
You can use any of the following links as the basis of your discussion (ONLY ONE), but feel free to find more examples of public facing data dashboards that address these issues. If you use different dashboards for your comparison, make sure to include links to them in your post.
– Chicago Police Department Use of Force Dashboard https://home.chicagopolice.org/statistics-data/data-dashboards/use-of-force-dashboard/
-New York City Police Department Force Dashboard https://app.powerbigov.us/view?r=eyJrIjoiOGNhMjVhYTctMjk3Ny00MTZjLTliNDAtY2M2ZTQ5YWI3N2ViIiwidCI6IjJiOWY1N2ViLTc4ZDEtNDZmYi1iZTgzLWEyYWZkZDdjNjA0MyJ9
– Seattle Officer Involved Shooting Dashboard https://www.seattle.gov/police/information-and-data/use-of-force-data/officer-involved-shootings-dashboard