O icu nurses?

Each student must choose one topic from the list of provided topics within three different group categories and then rank them in order of first, second and third preference. The assignment must be written using APA 7th ed. formatting including title page, in-text references citing sources, first and second level headings if used, page numbering, spacing and a references page. (Resources have been provided on your Blackboard page, I strongly suggest using these as you will be using APA 7th ed. Throughout the semester)
For instance, you will choose one of the topics listed under the COVID-19 Implications category, then chose another topic from the list under the Physical and Mental Health Among Nurses category and then the third topic will be chosen from the list under the Pediatric & Immunization Category. You choose A TOTAL OF TWO TOPICS BUT ONLY ONE TOPIC will be chosen from each of the three different selected categories provided below. It is up to your own interest what topics and categories that you select from. The list of topics is provided at the end (see below). You will rank them in order of preference from first, second and third in the assignment submission.
2. Once the two
topics have been chosen you will need to write 2-3 paragraphs for EACH of the topics describing the following:
1. Overview of the problem: what makes this topic so important, what is the scope of the problem overall. This section should include statistics and numbers with references that support the scope of the problem. (see example provided below)
2. Describe and provide evidence of the significance of the problem to nursing and the role that nursing could potentially play in addressing the problem. Need to frame the problem within the scope of nursing.
3. Describe the direction and approach that you wish to take for your evidence-based practice project. How do you wish to approach the topic. It is extremely important to explain how you wish to approach this topic in a way that is consistent with an EBP project which includes having a clear direction for approaching the selected topic that is grounded in nursing’s scope of practice. You may have more than one idea about how you might wish to approach the topic; however, it should be clear the general direction you plan to approach the topic which is clearly outlined and appropriate for an evidence based nursing practice project (which means that the topic must be sufficiently narrowed from the original list). Need to explain what you as the nurse hope to learn and address and ensure the approach is realistic for the purposes of this course.
• This section requires that you do your homework. You will need to spend time researching about the topic and making sure that your approach is relevant and up-to-date, meaning that you want to approach these topics related to the issue that nurses are facing in today’s healthcare environment. This will require you to locate literature using the FNU LIRN network and also the internet to ‘research’ the topic.
• For instance, you could identify the topic substance use epidemic; however, the approach you will take in terms of the evidence-based project needs to be grounded and focused on a specific area of this topic because simply saying you are addressing the epidemic of substance abuse is too broad and is not specific enough for an evidence based practice project.
• There are a thousand different ways to approach this topic including
o stigma,
o treatment options,
o discrimination
o barriers to care
o co-occurring substance use disorder and mental illness.
• Which population do you wish to focus on?
o Those specifically with opioid addiction?
o Those specifically who are IV drug users?
o Those with substance use disorders generally?
o Adolescents and their potential for substance abuse?
• And then what setting would you choose?
o Hospital?
o Inpatient treatment facilities?
o Outpatient treatment facilities?
o Schools?
• From whose perspective?
o Critical care nurses?
o Pediatric Nurses?
o School Health Nurses?
o Patients with the substance abuse disorders?
o Inpatient care nurses?
o Emergency room nurses?
o ICU nurses?
o Psych nurses?
I believe you are getting my point. I need for you to provide some direction and focus to the topics and in this paper provide me with enough information to determine if the direction you wish to go is relevant and appropriate. REMEMBER THE TOPIC MUST BE GROUNDED IN NURSING!!!! Lots of issues can be relevant to healthcare but remain more medically focused or in the realm of social work or psychiatry. The direction you want to take needs to be firmly grounded in the scope of nursing practice; not a physician, not a social worker, not a physical therapist .