Many factors influence maternal health. In many countries, an unacceptable number of women die in childbirth or shortly after giving birth. As discussed by Dr. Leslie Mancuso in this week’s media presentation, culture and religious beliefs influence childbirth practices.

To prepare for this Discussion, review Case 6: “Saving Mothers’ Lives in Sri Lanka” in the textbook. Also review Dr. Mancuso’s comments on cultural and religious beliefs that influence maternal health. With these thoughts in mind, respond to the following



(250-350 WORDS)


What cultural and historical features of Sri Lanka contributed to the success of their maternal health program?


Share an experience or situation where cultural or historical factors have influenced a client’s response to nursing care or a health program. If possible, share the resolution to the situation.









Video: Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2010). Public and global health: Influence of cultural diversity on global health. Baltimore: Author




Course Text: Holtz, Carol. (2013). Global health care: Issues and policies (2nd edition). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett.


Case Studies in Global Health: Millions Saved

Case 6, “Saving Mothers’ Lives in Sri Lanka”