Hi Everyone,

This session the Week 4 Presentation involves solving a System of Equations using two different methods.  You are given a Template with the Slides youare supposed to use for your PowerPoint, and YOU will supply the information on the slides as well as the audio explanation of your work.  

Please read the Instructions for the Presentation carefully and check the Rubric to see how your grade is to be calculated.  I will go over all of this on Monday in our Virtual Live Lecture. 

The Presentation is the last item in Week 4 in Modules. This Presentation is worth 50 points.  Please submit it by no later than 2/5/23.

Basically, you are to choose two of the methods used to solve a System of Equations and demonstrate those Methods as you solve the following system:

5x + 3y = -7

6x – 7y = -19 

Be sure to show your work for each method and explain each step of the process.  If you should choose Graphing as one of your methods, you cannot just show the graphs.  You need to show your method and calculations used to graph each line and then how you got the solution. 

For any method you choose, be sure to explain your steps in writing as well as verbally in the narration.

In the Presentation Instructions, you are given a variety of ways to supply the audio and links with information on each.  Be sure to use one of these methods.  You are also given a few questions to answer at the end of the presentation.  Be sure to answer these questions as it is part of your grade!