Mental Disorders and Criminal Activities

Please respond to EACH of the following discussion topics and submit them to the discussion forum as a single post. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length. Then, make at least two thoughtful responses to your fellow students’ posts.



Question A


A variety of mental disorders have been linked to criminal activities. 


Discuss whether criminals who have been deemed mentally ill should be incarcerated for their offenses or be housed in a mental health facility.  


Is it appropriate to incarcerate someone with a mental illness?  


Are they “getting away” with the crime if they are housed in a mental health facility instead of a prison?


Question B


Discuss and examine the career and life of Robert Downey, Jr.  Downey, a renowned actor, had a serious addiction to drugs.  


Has Downey been labeled as an addict or a criminal?  


To what extent was labeling theory a factor in Downey’s judicial processing… his treatment, and his professional career?


What elements of social process theory apply to Downey’s situation?


Consider the same questions as they pertain to Lindsey Lohan’s alcohol and drug addictions.



This is only a 75 word paper answer both questions.