Master of Speech Language Pathology 2 separate essays needed



between 500 to 750 words each. 

Mandatory Topic: Describe a problem or a challenge of personal importance that you have faced and explain the process you went through to solve the problem.


Choose ONE of the Following Questions:

  • Today’s technological advances afford greater opportunities for learning in new ways and increased access to resources for students and professionals in our field.  What skills and strategies can a graduate student in this learning environment implement to succeed academically and clinically?  Describe potential challenges that a graduate student might encounter in an environment of ever-evolving technology.  
  •                                                                                   OR
  • In the field of speech-language pathology, a therapist needs to be prepared to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds with respect to language, dialect, culture, socioeconomic status, religion, and sexual orientation. Describe some potential benefits and challenges to a speech-language pathologist in working with diverse populations? How would you address the challenges and benefits you described