Lydia Pinkham

After reading Chapter 2 of Twenty Ads the Shook the World, “Lydia Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound,” do a brief response to the following prompt:
In the essay, Twitchell writes:
“And what she knows is this: If you are a woman, you cannot trust doctors to understand your plight. She says as much in the laurel surrounding her face: ‘Women can sympathize with women. Health of the woman is the hope of the race.’ This is not a criticism of male medicine as much as a simple reiteration of female truth. Men just don’t get it. That’s all there is to it. If women know what girls must learn, then grannies know it best.”
“No image today, not the swoosh, the golden arches, or even the Coke can, can rival the visage of Lydia two generations ago. The product is not the hero, she is.”
What can you compare Lydia Pinkham’s advertising style to today, and why do you think that?
Use at least one reference from the essay (not from the ones above, those are just for the framing of this prompt).