It should be one short paper (4 pages) that will allow the opportunity to resear

It should be one short paper (4 pages) that will allow the opportunity to research contemporary white collar crime cases presented in the news and apply what they have learned in the readings and lectures. In researching the short paper, students will be asked to first collect white collar crime news articles about a *single* event, case, or news story, and then interpret and analyze the presentation of these articles.
Specifically, students will: (1) research and locate a *current* white collar crime story in a reputable newspaper and/or magazine (e.g. New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, Bloomberg news etc.). The white collar crime story should come from new articles no earlier than 2020. Next, based on the descriptions of the misconduct or law violation in the articles, students should (2) identify and define the white collar crime type (i.e. corporate crime, governmental crime, occupational crime, etc.) discussed in the article. Following, students should (3) explain what characteristics of the given crime or deviance categorize it as such. Students should locate at least five newspaper articles that cover the given white collar crime or deviance news story. Students should (4) address how each news article “frames” or labels the act(s) of WCC or deviance. In other words, is the conduct or event defined as a criminal act or an act of malfeasance (wrongdoing)? Or, is it framed in another way? Additionally, students should (5) note the section (placement) of the newspaper where each article is located (i.e. business, local news, national news, etc.). The next step requires that students (6) complete a “Google” search of this white collar crime story using quotations to limit the parameters exclusively to the given story/event; note how many “hits” the crime/misconduct yielded using this search strategy. From this search, students should (7) discuss whether the concept of harm or victimization (imposed by the act), is addressed in any of the media coverage? If so, explain, and if not, discuss what you think was missing in the coverage. Finally, students should answer: (8) who is harmed and in what way by this act of white collar crime or deviance? (9) who benefits from this deviance or crime? (10) how might this form of elite deviance or white collar crime be curbed or eliminated?
Please attach the paper as a MS Word document.