It is shown through two roads separated by a wood forest.

Written by classmate: Dong
Robert Frost was an American poet. He published many famous poems during his lifetime. Two of his famous poems that we are studying and discussing in this discussion are “The Road Not Taken” and “Mending Wall”. In both of these poems, he placed the theme of nature as an important meaning that he wanted to convey to his readers. While reading them, we can see that he placed nature as something to inspire the thoughts of the characters who come in contact with it.
In the poem “The Road Not Taken”, Frost shows that nature is seen as a metaphor for the choices or decisions individuals make in life. It is shown through two roads separated by a wood forest. This means “two roads” that are seen as paths that each of us chose for our own life. In addition, Frost wants us to see that when we decide on the path we want to take for our lives and the passage of time, we can look back and see how our choices have shaped our lives. In the poem “Mending Wall”, Frost shows an interaction between humans and nature. The poem mentions that in the spring of every year, the two characters in the poem meet to repair the wall caused by the cracks of the forces of nature. This expresses that nature is seen as a meeting of two characters for fixing the wall on every spring and repairing the wall also shows a gap that both characters should make in order to maintain their privacy and keep their relationship lasting.
Mending Wall:
The Road Not Taken: