For this segment of the class, we have been thinking about planning styles and the purpose of
planning. Brooks identified four different categories of planning. For this essay, you will analyze a case
from practice of your choice to consider what approach to planning would best fit with the issue and
objectives of the case. Your essay should:
 Provide an overview of the case
 Identify the planning problem involved
 Identify what approach to planning was used, and what was the final outcome
 Finally, argue for which type of planning would have been most effective. (If you believe the
type of planning used was the best fit, then provide an argument that explains why.)
Remember to demonstrate in the essay that you are familiar with the planning issue that you are
discussing including the interests involved, the decision-making process, and the knowledge that was
necessary to support the decision making process. Your essay should ultimately make an argument
that a particular approach to planning is the most effective approach for addressing that planning
Your essay should be 1000 – 1500 words and should draw from at least two readings from the second
section of the course and one reading from the first part of the course. The introduction of your essay
must state your thesis – in other words, there should be a sentence that makes a statement such as
this: “This essay argues…” and then states your thesis. Your essay should then build an argument that
supports your thesis. As you develop the argument that you begin in the introduction, remember that
your essay should show an engagement with the readings and a thoughtful challenge or agreement
with the authors. Use the readings to support and clarify your argument.
See the writing rubric posted on Canvas for a more detailed explanation of expectations for structure,
style, and content. Refer to the syllabus for specific instructions about font size and formatting. Your
paper is expected to have a title and to include your name on the document. Remember to use intext
citations and to include a bibliography at the end of your paper.