Islamic mali (africa)

discuss what you think this object means. What is it portraying? What is the importance of what it is portraying? What kind of message do you think it is intended to send? Each group member must make at least two posts/contributions.
then, decide which of the artistic periods in the box below this object comes from and provide a reason why. You may use an object from our lectures to compare this object to in your reason why. One post should be a suggestion of which period the object is from and why, and one post should be a response to someone else. Together, you must come up with a single decision at the end. Note that whether this final decision is right or wrong will NOT factor into your grade.
Note that the artistic periods are organized alphabetically and not chronologically.
Ancient Egyptian
Ancient Near East
Archaic Greece
Classical Greece
Early Christian
Early Medieval
Ethiopian Christian
Hellenistic Greece
Islamic Mali (Africa)
Italian Renaissance
Northern Renaissance
Roman Republic
Roman Empire
I think the object means either –
Four women line dancing to a party with a welcome gift.
. Women are being robbed and forced to give up their belongings as they are on the way to a concert.
. These women made their captain angry today and now they are taking him/her a pot of food as an apology.
. Women are walking in a forest when they spot what seems to be a grizzly bear. They are very scared and grabs any weapons they may possess. The lady in the front is bribing they grizzly bear with food.
. The women are sneaking away from their evebcint with a bowl of the delicious soup.