Is there a way the marketer could’ve improved to get the sale?

Marketing influences us all in ways we don’t often recognize. In this assignment, you will be tracking advertising and promotion that you are exposed to–either directly, e.g., an email or direct mail offer or indirectly, e.g., a billboard you drive by, a business you shop at. Your job is to observe and tally the number of marketing messages you receive/encounter and reflect on the experience. To help you keep track, you may find it useful to take pictures or screenshots with your phone. Use a tally sheet (sample attachedDownload sample attached) daily for a week. Then, reflect on the marketing touchpoints and consider the following:
How much marketing do you get exposed to daily? What channel is the most frequent (e.g., email/social media/outdoor media, etc.)?
If you had an unlimited budget and could buy everything offered that you wanted, how much would it cost you?
Of the goods and services offered, which were irrelevant or not of interest to you at all?
Of those irrelevant items, what made them irrelevant? Is there a way the marketer could’ve improved to get the sale?
Reflect on the items addressed to you directly or offers suggested online due to an algorithm. Was the data about you accurate?
Consider the questions and write a paper that analyzes your experience and reflects on it fully. It’s possible that you will explore different questions and that is OK. Your paper should NOT be a series of answers to the above-listed questions in the order they appear. Rather, it should demonstrate thought and insight about your experience. What did you discover? What did you learn about the challenges of marketing? Overall, the paper should be a focused, cohesive, in-depth analysis of your data in the marketing context
Tasks: To complete this assignment, you should:
COLLECT data about the marketing you’re exposed to every day for 1 week on the tracking sheetDownload tracking sheet (or similar).
TALLY the information and reflect on it after considering the questions above and exploring your own curiosity.
WRITE a 1-3 page essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion that demonstrates critical thinking in the following ways:
Integrates your data into the discussion and provides the tally sheet in an appendix.
Addresses the questions listed in the prompt by examining what stood out most to you or what you see as the most significant discoveries/findings.
Organizes thoughts in a way that conveys your message clearly to the reader and reflects an overarching thesis.
the sheet is attached