Select any crime that has been highlighted in the news recently in which someone was convicted of the crime. It may be something that happened in your local community or elsewhere in the United States. It is important that you select a crime that has gone to trial and resulted in a conviction. Using that criminal event, create a flow chart of the steps in the Criminal Justice System from the initial crime to the punishment (corrections). You can create this in a PowerPoint presentation or Word essay. You must include the following steps of the process and an explanation of what happens, or is likely to happen, at each step:
First Appearance
Pretrial Activities
Preliminary Hearing
Pre-Sentence Investigation
Assignment Requirements
Word or PowerPoint document.
For essays or written documents, use MSWord, Times New Roman, 12-pt font, double space, 1-inch margins.
For PowerPoints, use an appropriate design that is legible; include a Title Slide with student name and date and provide at least 1–2 slides for each step. Include a Reference/Works Cited slide. Information should be presented as bulleted points. You may include speaker’s notes to clarify the information being presented on the panels.