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The civic engagement project will require students to choose a social issue affecting their or other diverse communities. Students will research artists who address their chosen issue (locally and globally). Students will provide a short report on the social problem and introduce at least two artists that engage this issue.
art A: Short report on a chosen social issue. Students will identify and examine a pressing social issue related to one of the cultural groups covered in class or choose your own topic related to an urban community.
Your paper should be broken down into four distinct parts:
1. Introduction – Tell us about your topic and what we will see in the rest of the report.
2. Why this topic is important, who is affected by this topic, and why does it deserve more attention. You should choose at least four distinct and important points about your topic to discuss. Use facts (when applicable) from reputable sources, cite, and reference.
3. Why this topic is important to you personally.
4. Conclusion- Summarize the topic.
• 3 pages minimum
• 12 point
• Times New Roman font
• Double Spaced
• Include MLA works cited on the last page.
Please make the essay about Banksy and his friend, french artist street artist Thierry Guetta (aka Mr.Brainwash); And how they both use street art as a tool of self-expression to communicate to a larger audience their thoughts/opinions about controversial topics, etc.
Below I provided two sources.