inmate classification

 You have just been appointed to a leadership position in a prison in the state where you live. You are the fourth person to be in this role within the past year. Your responsibilities are to ensure that correctional officers are maintaining ethical and professional standards while on duty.  

Using the knowledge that you have gained from this week’s reading assignments, Intellipath and MUSE assets, and other information provided, address the following questions in a 2-3 page paper:

  • Describe the different perspectives of liability that officers may have from correctional leaders.
  • Discuss why leadership styles may need to be adjusted in different prison environments.
  • Finally, explain how you, as a correctional leader, would handle officers’ ethical issues, such as not reporting inmate altercations as required.

While it is not necessary to provide complete citations in an APA format, your paper should include URLs and titles for any information used to support your position.

You can use this template to help plan and write your paper: CRJS220 Unit 4 Individual Project Template

The following grading rubric will be used for this assignment.


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