In fact, teen births in the united states have been steadily declining since 1991.

From Chapter 4:
1.) What about single fathers? Based on what you have read in this chapter, what makes the experience of single fathers similar to or different from that of single mothers, and how does social class interact with single parenthood (intersectionality)?
From Chapter 5:
2.) The nature versus nurture debate continues to drive the analysis of gender differentiation in society. After reading the different perspectives on gender identified in the textbook, do you think gender differences are inherent or a social construction? Which perspective do you think best explains gender variations in modern society? Provide examples and information from your text and at least one other academic source to support your response.
From Chapter 6:
3.) The MTV shows, 16 and Pregnant and the related sequel, Teen Mom, have received significant criticism for glamorizing teen pregnancy. However, a study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research ( (Links to an external site.)) indicates that 16 and Pregnant “led to a 4.3 percent reduction in teen births in the 18 months following its initial airing. This accounts for 24 percent of the overall decline in teen births in the United States during that period.” Furthermore, data collected from Google Trends and Twitter “offer supportive evidence suggesting that the show influenced attitudes, in particular, raising teens’ interest in birth control and abortion.”
While these findings suggest that the show may contribute to a drop in teen birth rates, even the authors of the study admit that there are other variables influencing the decline of teen pregnancy. In fact, teen births in the United States have been steadily declining since 1991. What other factors may be contributing to this decline?
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