In a 2000 word essay.

Final Exam CMRJ202 Instructions
Answer the question “Explain the major causes of stress for law enforcement personnel and the impact the stress may have on the professional and personal life of officers.” in a 2000 word essay. The essay will be formatted in APA Style, doubled space using Times New Roman 12 point font.
Your work will be graded according to the “writing rubric” in Lessons.
Make sure to include at least three professional, scholarly references to support your comments. Students who fail to include three professional, scholarly references will lose points. Double-space your references and for the second and subsequent lines of the reference indent 5 spaces. This is called the hanging indentation.
You must upload your final exam in a “Word” document and submit to the assignment section. Make sure to label the exam “Students Last Name-Final). Students who failed to write 2000 words will lose points. Do not count the words in the cover and reference page as part of your 2000 words. Only count the main body of your work.
The course professor will read and grade your papers and provide you with constructive comments in Assignments. The course professor will be using the writing rubric to grade all written work during the class. Please make sure that you are using the writing rubrics in lessons to use as a checklist for all your academic writing in this class and throughout your educational experience at AMU.
Use your own words to explain what you learned in your research to answer the Final Exam question.
The course professor is looking for critical thinking and demonstrating that you have a grasp of the material you are researching.
At this level in your educational journey students should have solid substance and proper academic formatting in your college level writing assignments. The course professor will be grading on both so make sure you turn in your best work.