If your paper has this appearance you will be given a zero.

ournal Article Review Paper:
Search for an interesting article from the past five years (e.g. Journal of Positive Psychology). Find a research article (one in which a study is performed not a review article) clearly related to a topic in Positive Psychology. Articles from such journals are available online in full-text format from the UNCW library. Pick a study of interest to you, and then summarize and critique it. Things to discuss are the design of the study (e.g., cross-sectional, longitudinal), any weaknesses or criticisms of the study and, most importantly, how the information gained from the study can be applied in the field of psychology or in other realms (e.g. schools, personal lives, etc.). Papers should be 3-4 pages double-spaced in APA Style. Excellent papers will blend in information from the text, readings, videos, and class discussions. Papers should be submitted in your assignment folder. Warning: I have had problems with students “recycling” journal reviews from other psychology courses. If your paper has this appearance you WILL be given a zero. So make sure your article is very clearly related to positive psychology, and if you have any doubts about it, run it by me befobcire you choose your article.