Ides 381

After viewing the video select two projects to compare and contrast. One should be lighting that spoke to you in a positive way and the other project that you found underwhelming. You can go back into the video for detail or you can also access each project online for pictures and technical information. Be honest how you feel about the projects you select. they may have won awards but you are giving your interpretation.

  1. Identify the project, location and lighting design firm.

2.. Select a minimum of 5 photos max of 7 photos per project.

  1. Identify the sources of light and how they contribute to the overall design concept. Do they provide ambient, task or accent lighting? 
  2. Describe the feelings the lit space evokes, to you. How does it make you feel? Is it inviting, harsh?  Subtle, overpowering? Calming, invigorating? None of these descriptions I suggested are always positive or always negative. Speak to how you interpret the lighting.
  3. Did the architecture make the lighting or the lighting make the architecture?
  4. Compile a thorough review of each project. 

In conclusion, please let me know how you felt about this video. Did it tickle your lighting design interests? Did you learn anything new about the art of lighting design? 

Last thing, I noticed in the Starbucks project, China, an accent lighting luminaire (fixture) is very similar in style to my classic Chemex pour-over coffee maker. I wonder if that was ‘by-design.’