However, i enjoy a lightness in writing styles,

You will write a 3 page (750 word) essay that explicates one of the psychological theories that
interests you from our non-fiction selections. This essay will quote from the psychological text you select and discuss it in terms that demonstrate your thorough understanding of it. Your audience is me, your professor. That results in the essay being somewhat more formal than the write-ups. However, I enjoy a lightness in writing styles,

as you will see during class. I usually include a statement about how I use humor a great deal as a professor. For the essay, you don’t have to break out a thesaurus or quote from Edward Jones on Freud, but you do have to address the issue at hand. While it is all right to work with outside sources that help you explain how you have come to terms with the text, not only will you need to cite these in the essay and its works cited, you will also have to explain your own understanding of the material in terms that are familiar to you. This makes this essay part summary, part informal writing assignment, and part set-up for your final essay. The hope is that what you discover for the purposes of the short essay can be put to use for your analytical essay due at the end of the semester. This, however, is not required. For this essay, you must keep your focus on the psychological notion you chose to write about; do not write about it in terms we come to understand through a novel we are reading in this class. That task will be what you accomplish for the Analytical Essay.

The book New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Fre