How is kipling managing the trade-offs of standardization vs. customization?

Case Questions
How would you describe Kipling’s target market?
What opportunities and challenges did Kipling face in expanding to Asia?
How have digital channels impacted Kipling’s expansion strategy?
What is an omnichannel experience, and how did it help Kipling’s marketing strategy?
How is Kipling managing the trade-offs of standardization vs. customization?
What do you think of a post-COVID future for Kipling in Asia?
Assignment Format
Approximately 900-1,800 words (focus on quality, not quantity). I will not count your words or give you a hard maximum. I’m trying to suggest that this is not an extensive report and that short answers (150-300 words per question) will be sufficient.
Submit a document that uses business-appropriate fonts, margins and that is single-spaced (Business writing/reports are single-spaced)
Please note that due to the short format, there is no need for a table of contents and/or executive summary
You may use headings/sub-headings to tackle the six subjects asked on the questions – please exercise judgment
Include a cover page with the following: a descriptive title (not just “Report”), author’s name, class and section numbers, and date of submission
IF you use external sources, cite references using APA style – use the resources at the end of these guidelinbcies for assistance if needed