How does this topic fit into the field of human services?

I have attached some of the articles that i am using in class please refrence some and also use outside sources that relate ….the book that im working on is below please let me know if i can add anything else.
an article that relates to the questions but i couldnt attach it.
Aging Together: Caring Relations in Families of Adults With Intellectual Disabilities
Jennifer Baumbusch, RN, PhD, Samara Mayer, BA, Alison Phinney, RN, PhD, Sarah Baumbusch, RSW, MSW Author Notes
The Gerontologist, Volume 57, Issue 2, 1 April 2017, Pages 341–347,
Published: 29 July 2015 Article history
Hammel, J., & Nochasjski, S. (2001). Aging and Developmental
Disability: Current Research, Programming, and Practice Implications (1st Eds). ISBN-13: 978-
0789010391, ISBN-10: 0789010399. Routledge Publishing.
I also require outside research and reading as a part of these assignments. Please provide a minimum of 3 outside sources in your reference page/slide that show me that you spent some time digging into the content beyond the provided reading. I encourage you to provide more. All assignments will be graded using the following criteria:
Provide an overview of the content for this unit. Start by showing me that you read the material and did the assigned work. Tell me about the outside research you did. This is meant to be a brief overview. If you do a paper, 1-2 paragraphs. For a presentation, 1-2 slides. 10% of the grade.
How does this topic fit into the field of human services? Why is it important to learn about when working in human services? Tell me how it might fit into the work you are doing or want to do. Review how your learning in this unit plus your outside research will inform your current or future work with clients. 30% of the grade.
How might the content from this unit help you to advocate for aging individuals with intellectual disabilities? Talk about different ways you can advocate for aging individuals with intellectual disabilities around this topic. 20% of the grade.
What is missing in the research on this topic when it comes to aging with an intellectual disability? Where are the gaps in content? What would it take to fill those gaps? 10% of the grade.
Talk about your learning edges and “ah ha” moments. Not sure what those are? Click HERE. Tell me what surprised you, what stood out to you, and what mattered to you in the content for this week. Analyze why this content made an impression on you and tell me why you think it stood out. 30% of the grade.