How do we see this value or ideal present in everyday life?

Select 4 values and ideals that we discussed in our course materials. which are from (federalism, american political culture, the founding of the constitution) from the book We the People: An Introduction to American Politics (13th
ed)chp1-3 values and ideals might be personal to each individual or they can be public values of how government should be formed (ex. representative democracy, limited government, federalism, economic freedom, states’ rights, etc.).
Consider the following questions and discuss your chosen values and ideal:
Why do Americans have this value or ideal? What is the historical or political context?
Who benefits from this value or ideal? Who is hurt?
What are the unintended consequences of this value or ideal?
Has this value or ideal changed over time? How or why?
If this value or ideal is harmful, how can we fix it? If this value or ideal is beneficial, how can we preserve it? (Think about law, policy, judicial decisions, etc.)
How do we see this value or ideal present in everyday life? Is it on the federal level? State level? Local level?
Remember to cite our course materials in your journal. You need to cite at least 3 sources of course material. Do not make unfounded statements or speculations about these values. Base them on our course material and be scholarly. Make sure your journal is between 600-800 words.