How do the texts you’ve chosen demonstrate a lineage through time.

For this essay you will select a pair of readings* from the semester so far and analyze how they demonstrate a lineage: how the later work is influenced by the earlier work; how the writing style, language, form, etc. has evolved through time.
Literary Analysis Overview:
A literary analysis essay is not a rhetorical analysis, nor is it just a summary of the plot or a book review. Instead, it is a type of argumentative essay where you need to analyze elements such as the language, perspective, and structure of the text, and explain how the author uses literary devices to create effects and convey ideas.
Before beginning a literary analysis essay, it’s essential to carefully read the text and come up with a thesis statement to keep your essay focused.
Your thesis in a literary analysis essay is the point you want to make about the text. It’s the core argument that gives your essay direction and prevents it from just being a collection of random observations about a text.
Your thesis statement should be an answer to a the essay question not a simple yes or no, but a statement of why & how.
Essay Question:
How do the texts you’ve chosen demonstrate a lineage through time. In other words, how does the more contemporary text show a relationship/response to and engagement with the older text?
What conversation is happening between these two texts? What might the more contemporary author be saying in response to the older text? How does the author use form, diction, sound, imagery/metaphor, symbolism, tone, etc., to demonstrate, support, or complicate this relationship?
I’ll expect you to discuss literary techniques (like the ones above), to use quotations from the texts (sometimes called textual evidence) to support your claims, to cite your quotes using MLA format, and to structure your essay in a convincing argument style. You are making a claim
about these texts that is somewhat subjective (your thesis should not be a statement of fact, but rather an argument you have crafted in response to the texts). Therefore, you need to bring your reader along and provide them with detailed support for your claims about the texts.