How did the new deal alter the role of the national government?

Exam #2 Study Guide chapters 19-22
When you take the exam there will be all 3 of these questions, and you will be asked to write an essay for all 3 of them).
The minimum length for each essay should be about 25 lines, which would roughly equal page written. Essay content
should be taken from your chapter readings in Give Me Liberty vol. 2. Many students find it helpful to pre-write practice
essays before starting the exam. Any plagiarism, copying from the internet or another source, will result in a zero on the
exam. You will not be allowed to copy and paste content into your essays, so please be prepared to take your exam when
you open it. I want to hear your own words in these essays. Additionally, there will be 20 multiple choice questions from
the chapters you read for this unit. You will have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Each essay is worth 20 points, each
multiple choice question is worth 2 points.
1.) Explain how Americans used the language of freedom when discussing foreign policy. Look specifically at the
foreign policies of Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson in your answer. Did the meaning of freedom change with
each administration or stay consistent?
2.) How did the New Deal alter the role of the national government? In your answer, discuss specific