How can you use what you know from this class to be a better health professional?

For this assignment, you will need to answer each of these questions using your notes, the book, and other materials which can be found on Canvas. When answering the question make sure that you include information that indicates that you have read, watched, or listened to the correct material. This can be a summary of what you watched or direct quotes about what you listened to; please make sure to cite where necessary.
Much of this information we have already reviewed in class, however some we will review later in the semester.
This assignment has 4 questions. To receive full credit answer clearly and concisely each question and all sub-questions. Write in complete sentences.
Complete this assignment in a word document and, upload via canvas. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Using pages 101-105 and these videos. (25 Points)
Explain Harlows’ research and its connection with Mary Ainsworth’s Strange Situation and the development of human infants and children.