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Health Care and Its Related Issues

There are several ways to measure the health  status of a community or an entire population. In order to understand  the implications of legal and regulatory policies in health care  promotion and wellness, it is mandatory to analyze the impact of the  social needs of local populations on their health care issues.

Based on your understanding of the topic, create a report in a Microsoft Word document answering the following questions:

  • What are the benefits measuring the health status of  individuals aged fifteen to sixty four years in a particular community  or an entire population? What effect do these benefits have on the  health status of the community or the entire population?
  • Which one health statistic  has had the most significant impact on the health care profession in  the entire US or your community in the last year? Discuss.
  • Identify one major local  social issue currently being addressed by the local elected officials  (major, governor, or town council).

  • What ramifications does this issue have on the local population?
  • Does this issue have any legal impact on the community? Why or why not?

For a successful health status of a  community, school health is critical to our future. How can we  incorporate a program within the school focusing on the safety and  well-being of students along with the social needs and health care  issues?

  • If you are asked to develop a school health policy for an elementary school, who would be the stakeholders in this process?
  • What types of resources will you need to develop a program?
  • How will the focus of the program target health promotion or wellness?
  • What considerations should be taken into consideration when developing the program, such as the physical and social environment?
  • What factors are taken into consideration when developing a program targeting elementary school age children versus adult?
  • What anticipated or perceived objections would you expect?
  • As we continue to move in the twenty first century, what elementary school health or safety issues are emerging?