Here’s a rough draft you can use as a reference:

I have to write a 5 paragraph essay on my 30 day challenge.
(which is about listening and learning a wide variety of different artists music within 30 days)
Here’s a rough draft you can use as a reference:
“30 Day Playlist”
Taj Callwood
Prof. Russell
Some people say its hard to adapt to new things whether its learning a new
language, going to a new school or even just listening to new music. In fact, learning or memorizing a new song isn’t as easy as one may think. Similar to
Matt Cutts challenge, you could learn a whole new variety of music within just thirty days if you stay consistent with what your listening to. For instance,
you could combine all the new music you’ve listened to for the week into one playlist, until you’ve memorized it.
II. Memorizing new music isn’t that difficult
III. Its good to explore different genres of music
IV. As result of memorizing new music, one has become more versatile and open to new things
V. Through a 30-day challenge, I want to be able learn more varieties of music and become more versatile.