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Essay #1
Worth 150 points
Length: 4-6 pages
Format: MLA formatting, including a Works Cited page (Links to an external site.)
First, read the following:
What is literary analysis? (Links to an external site.)
Why read and write about literature? (Links to an external site.)
Inferences in Literature (Links to an external site.)
After you have completed the reading, you will be ready to begin drafting your essay.
Here is the prompt:
There are many interpretations for “The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato. I want you to focus on the theme of “prisoners.” What does the author argue imprisons the characters? How is the theme of “prisoners” reflected in today’s society, or who do you view as prisoners in today’s society? What institutions imprison people? Make sure that you are as detailed as possible so that you leave no unanswered questions for your reader. Do you think that Plato would agree with how you apply the concept of his allegory to today’s society?
For this paper, you need to incorporate close readings of the primary source (“The Allegory of the Cave”). This means that you should pick meaningful passages in the text and discuss the passages carefully as you develop your essay. My recommendation is that you begin with your analysis of the text; you may use outside sources for support if you wish, but this is not necessary. I will primarily be assessing YOUR interpretation of the text.
Have fun with this assignment! This is just a jumpstart to get us into writing about literature
If you need an MLA refresher, click here for instructional readings and examples (Links to an external site.).
Click here for my video explanation of the essay. (Links to an external site.)
Adapted from Jennifer Ortiz
Please note: plagiarizing on this assignment will result in a 0.