Growth in International Markets

Assignment 1: Individual Research and Short Paper—Growth in International Markets

Once a company has identified a market favorable in terms of profit and market share potential, growth prospects and planning begin to evolve.

For this assignment, you will use the University online library resources and Internet resources to compare the risks of further expansion in an existing market with the risks of expanding into a new market.

  1. Select an MNC that has decided to further expand into the U.S. and address the following questions:
    1. Did the company have to consider the same risks as companies entering into a new market? Present a comparative analysis of the risks. Identify some of the risks a company expanding further would need to consider.
    2. Are the growth considerations and strategies of expansion similar to those related to entering a new market?
    3. What economic incentives do municipalities offer for companies planning on investing? Are there any constraints the company needs to consider?
  2. Select a U.S. company that has decided to further grow in an existing international market, then address the following questions:
    1. What type of regulatory considerations does the company need to investigate prior to expansion? Are the regulatory considerations similar to those of entering into a new market?
    2. What type of benefits would a company avail when deciding on further expansion into the market?

Write a 4-page paper in Word format. Apply current APA standards for writing to your work.

 By Wednesday, May 29, 2013, submit your assignment



Assignment 2: Course Project Task 4—Legal and Economic Risks of Expansion( Ikea- USA)

In this assignment, you will investigate your chosen MNC’s expansion activities in existing markets. Concentrate your study on the regulatory concerns that need to be addressed while expanding.

Carry out individual research using the University online library resources and Internet resources. Then, discuss the following in your group. Support your conclusions with examples.

Discuss the impact of the following factors on your chosen MNC:

  1. Taxation issues
  2. Distinguish U.S. GAAP versus IFRS
  3. Political
  4. Foreign exchange
  5. Legal
  6. Economic
  • Pricing
  • Product regulations
  • Corporate governance
    • Policies
    • Issues
    • Organizational structure

    By Thursday, May 30, 2013. submit your assignment.