Give specific illustrations to substantiate your stance.

In a standard five-paragraph essay with an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph written with at least four to five complete sentences per paragraph in MLA format that focuses on one specific approach of interpretations from the prompt as follows:
Compare and contrast Oedipus’ fate with that of Antigone’s from a philosophical approach in a five-paragraph essay. Focus on how the divine law is portrayed in both plays regarding the tragedies. Do the plays best adhere to Socratic views of justice or Platonic views of justice? Keep in mind that Platonic views of justice are defined as being “not something external but instead is a quality of the soul, an inner virtue that compels us to put aside our base desires in favor of the greater good for all.” While Socratic views of justice focus on the following concept: that justice is the excellence of the soul, and that injustice is a vice or a defect of the soul apart from justice being a tool of governments or individuals but as one with the soul. Give specific illustrations to substantiate your stance. Focus on the metaphysical concepts of “being” that involves “wisdom, will, and consciousness,” and reality, which is known as “that which is abiding, eternal, and unchangeable” as you compare and contrast the two types of justice shown in the works.