Gender identity?

● Choose if you want to reflect on your interview or your observations about gender at school.
● Write (or audio record) a reflective response about any of your findings.
○ Written – write ~300-400 words.
○ Spoken – speak for ~3-4 minutes.
○ You can discuss anything you’d like, but below are some guiding questions you could consider.
Some may be more relevant to the caretaker interview; some may be more relevant to observations of gender at school.
■ What reactions do you have to the responses?
■ If anything surprised you, comment on that.
■ How did your caretakers’ views, expectations, or experiences with gender impact your
gender identity?
■ How do you think patterns around gender at school have impacted your own experience
or development?
■ If you were ever in a position to care for or work with young people, what would you do /
not do when it comes to gender? In what ways would you try to replicate your
experiences, and what would you do differently? Why?
■ Are you who you are because that’s who you are? Or because it’s who you’ve been “told”
to be?