Foodborne pathogens.

Outline and core primary literature: October 7th
First draft: November 11th
Final draft: December 9th
Times New Roman, 12-point, double spaced, use continuous line numbering.
1-inch margins
Page numbers in the “1 out XX” on the bottom of the page
For citations and references, use the format of “Food Protection Trends. For now, don’t do the references as numbers, do them as last name and year. Once the document is complete, we can switch.
I want this document to be concise but comprehensive. You need to use adequate technical terminology and make sure it is scientifically sound.
Foodborne pathogens. You will be in charge of coming up with a good title once you submit your document to me.
I want you to focus on meat and poultry products, but lots of the info you will find is on fresh produce contamination.
Here are some suggestions:
Provide intro with epidemiological burden of foodborne parasitic diseases. Consult CDC, FAO/WHO.
Describe main ways by which parasites contaminate food as well as a little bit of the biology of major groups of parasites. Nothing too in depth as it is not the main goal of the paper.
Create a table with recalls due to parasite contamination. Check FDA and FSIS for this and other sources. I don’t know that you will find much.
Create and discuss a table with parasite-related outbreaks. Check CDC and other sources. Focus on US and maybe a few other places but if you go to the developing countries, you will find a lot of parasites we don’t really have here, so you’ll have to define scope.
Work on a section on thermal lethality of various parasites in meat/poultry matrices.
Another section could be effect of non-thermal technologies to inactivate parasites.
Freezing must be included. Consult FSIS for Trichinella and FDA for Anisakis guidelines and provide a summary of freezing effect on killing parasites.
In the context of meat and poultry HACCP, explain where/when are parasites a concern and what control measures can be applied.
I want practical recommendations for the control.