FINC620-Week 5 Assignment

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2016-07-23 20:19

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  • What factors affect a firm’s degree of transaction exposure in a particular currency? For each factor, explain the desirable characteristics that would reduce transaction exposure.
  • Explain how a U.S. corporation could hedge net receivables in Malaysian ringgit with a forward contract.


Instructions: In not less than 750 words in length (not including title page and reference page), please respond to the questions above. You must include at least one outside reference (in addition to the textbook). Organize the two questions into a single paper with two sections and a single References page. Demonstrate your mastery of these topics through examples






Eiteman, D. Stonehill,A. & Moffett, M(2016). Multinational Business Finance,

14th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions VitalBook. file.

Enclosed please find a soft copy of the chapters 14 and 18 of this book ( Eiteman, D.  Stonehill,A. & Moffett, M(2016). Multinational Business Finance,  14th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions. VitalBook file.)- course FINC620. Use them when necessary.