Final Essay

Must read 4 essay about college degree is necessary 

Between 4-6 pages and 10-12 paragraph according to the instructions.(MLA style)(Quotation-paraphrasing…)

Must be finished and delivered until Sunday 6 pm


Write a researched argument about any one issue discussed in Chapter Seventeen: Is College the Best Option? This final research essay allows you to explore your argument about the impact of pursuing a post-secondary education (i.e. career/vocational training versus a college degree, Liberal Arts major versus STEM major, the return on investment of post-secondary education, job market for college graduates or vocational school graduates in a specific field), but you are also taking into account what you have learned about this issue from the essays in Chapter Seventeen and your scholarly research findings. For this research essay, you are required to integrate arguments/information from at least two essays from Chapter Seventeen and at least two reliable scholarly/professional sources (i.e. journal articles; web sources approved by instructor) about your argument. 

Begin by showing the conversation your paper is responding to (“they say”), have a clear statement of your own argument (“I say”), include quotes and incorporate them smoothly, point out possible objections to your argument, use appropriate transitions, and explain why the issue matters. You might also consider adding meta-commentary and finding ways to include your own voice, even though this is academic writing.

In your introduction, identify and discuss the topic you’ve chosen that is related to the benefits or disadvantages of college. This discussion in your introduction must include the viewpoints about the topic; that is, identify your side of the argument and the opposing side of the argument. Conclude your introduction paragraph with your thesis statement, which will state your main idea. Your thesis statement should answer the following question: what is your argument about the topic you’ve chosen about the benefits or disadvantages of college?

In six to ten body paragraphs, you will present and defend your argument, present and explain your opposition (i.e. counterargument/“naysayer”), and provide a rebuttal to disprove the opposition’s viewpoints. Remember: Your final research essay must reference at least two articles from “Chapter Seventeen: Is College the Best Option?” and at least two reliable scholarly/professional sources (i.e. journal articles or web sources approved by the instructor) related to your topic. In terms of organizing your body paragraphs, think of your final research essay as a written debate. Use the first two or three body paragraphs to make your argument (i.e. prove your thesis statement) with evidence from your sources. Then transition to one or two more body paragraphs in which you acknowledge and explain your opposition’s point of view (i.e. counterargument/naysayer); again, you will be referencing ideas from your sources. For more information about counterarguments/naysayers, refer to “Chapter 6: Skeptics May Object” of the textbook. After discussing the naysayer, use the last one or two body paragraphs to strengthen your argument while weakening your opposition’s perspective by rebutting, or arguing against, the opposition’s point of view; that is, you will be pointing out the flaws in the opposition’s reasoning.  

Your conclusion (one brief paragraph, approximately five sentences) will include a reiteration of your argument (thesis statement), summary of the key points of your argument and your opposition, and an explanation of the importance of your position on the issue you’ve chosen regarding the benefits and/or disadvantages of college. Remember: Do not include new points, ideas, or evidence in the conclusion paragraph. If you did not present information in your body paragraphs, then you should not present that information as you wrap up your essay.

Include an MLA-style Works Cited page on a new page after your conclusion.

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