Evaluating Wellness

Topic: The swine flu virus regrettably created hysteria in an urgent care center in a moderate sized urban area (think city of 80,000). The crisis incident involved a teen male demanding meds for his toddler daughter. Both the medical and the support staff, as well as the clientele, experienced a bit of panic, resulting in poor management, untreated patients, and the preemptive closing of the clinic at 10pm (it should stay open until midnight). It later became evident that staff at this center, which is in an area of high community violence, have been fearful of gang activity for some time.
Eyesnowopen Medco (EM) wants an integrated outreach program of wellness and counseling for the adolescents in this resource-strained community. They have procured space in an attached portion of the clinic. They hope to see a reduction of stress on clinic staff because of this alternate opportunity for teens, which will provide a closer affiliation with the community and a positive outcome for teen participants. While the program will be in the same building, with a different entrance, EM is uncertain of what, if any, role the clinic staff will play.
Phase Two – EM now wishes to add a senior outreach center after one year.
Answer the following
Identify reason(s) for which your project will benefit from evaluation: vindication, marketing, verification, improvement, understanding, and/or accountability. Justify your answer.
Is there any change in reason(s) when you implement the second phase of your program? Why or why not?